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Who’s Who

      Come and meet the staff at our school!  

The Senior Leadership Team

Picture 1 Les Bell, Head Teacher
Picture 2 Carole Whyley, Deputy Head
Picture 3 Katherine Dowell, Assistant Head
Picture 4 Jayne Pool, SENCo

The Teaching Team

Picture 1 Anne Oates, Teacher Maths
Picture 2 David Roy, Teacher Science
Picture 3 Izzy Grant, Specialist Instructor Food Tech
Picture 4 Ian Kuy, Specialist Instructor Construction
Picture 5 Rob O'Connor, Specialist Instructor Outdoor Ed
Picture 6 Rachel Hanks, Art Teacher
Picture 7 Guy Lloyd, Maths Teacher
Picture 8 Richard Irvine, English Teacher


Picture 1 Allen Marsh, HLTA
Picture 2 Sarah Trow, HLTA

Therapeutic Team

Picture 1 Ruth Hudson, ESW
Picture 2 Bethany Orr, Occupational Therapist
Picture 3 Karen Eastwood, Drama Therapist

Student Mentor

Picture 1 Alisha Clayton

The Admin Team

Picture 1 Mandy Carrington, Office Manager
Picture 2 Angela Guest, Admin Assistant
Picture 3 Jenny Morley, Exams Officer