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The Rubicon Centre Science department consists of  Mr Lloyd and Mrs Smith-Fox and our fully equipped laboratory.


KS3 students are given a programme of study which enhances their practical skills in preparation for their full-time return to school. We use the AQA KS3 scheme of learning to allow them to focus on their Science knowledge through practical situations.


-Year Ten students, depending on their type of placement, either complete Entry Level Science, which gives them a Science qualification, this is also the start of their GCSE in AQA Trilogy Science. The ELC directly links with The Trilogy qualification.


-Year Eleven students study for their Science Trilogy GCSE. Some Students may be given the opportunity to study separate Sciences, this is however dependant on ability and future aspirations.


We believe that Science is a key area that the students should thrive and achieve in. We are building a programme which is as individualised as we can make it.

Science Picture Gallery