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Admissions Students come into Alternative Provision for a number of reasons but they are all students who need:

• Smaller class sizes and higher teacher student ratios

• A more bespoke and potentially vocational curriculum pathway

• To continue their education whilst awaiting a place at a mainstream school due to exceptional circumstances


All students who attend The Rubicon Centre require a referral supported by evidence that their mainstream school have explored all possible support for the pupil including referral to other agencies as set out in the Ladder of Intervention. The schools that The Rubicon Centre support are Barlby High School, Selby High school, Brayton Academy, Sherburn High School, Tadcaster Grammar School, Holy Family Catholic High School.

All admissions are arranged through Local Area Inclusion Panels, which consist of Head teachers and senior colleagues from the local area, other educational professionals including Local Authority representatives and the head teacher of the AP at The Rubicon Centre. All admissions to NYAP require close dialogue and liaison between schools, parents and the Rubicon Centre to ensure the best continuum of provision for the student concerned. A contract between the school and The Rubicon Centre will be undertaken to ensure clarity from all parties to work together effectively.