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Key Information


Students come into Alternative Provision for a number of reasons but they are all students who need:

• Smaller class sizes and higher teacher student ratios

• A more bespoke and potentially vocational curriculum pathway

• To continue their education whilst awaiting a place at a mainstream school due to exceptional circumstances


All students who attend The Rubicon Centre require a referral supported by evidence that their mainstream school have explored all possible support for the pupil including referral to other agencies as set out in the Ladder of Intervention. The schools that The Rubicon Centre support are Barlby High School, Selby High School, Brayton Academy, Sherburn High School, Tadcaster Grammar School and Holy Family Catholic High School.

All admissions are arranged through Local Area Inclusion Panels, which consist of Headteachers and senior colleagues from the local area, other educational professionals including Local Authority representatives and the Headteacher of the Alternative Provision at The Rubicon Centre. All admissions require close dialogue and liaison between schools, parents and the Rubicon Centre to ensure the best continuum of provision for the student concerned. A contract between the school and The Rubicon Centre will be undertaken to ensure clarity from all parties to work together effectively.


Our Vision and Values

At the school we are committed to providing a flexible provision for students who, for whatever reason, are currently unable to access main stream education. 


Our students can expect:

  • To be treated with respect.
  • To be listened to.
  • To be challenged to work to their full potential.
  • That we will go the extra mile to make the difference that is meaningful to them.


We will strive to be an outstanding school that makes a real difference to the lives of the young people in our care. We aim to develop responsible young people of whom we can all be proud and who achieve more than they ever believed possible.   

Uniform Expectations 


  • Plain black school trousers
  • Plain black joggers - must be plain without any stripes, logos or emblems
  • Plain black jeans can be worn, but they must not be faded or have any rips or tears


  • Plain white or black polo shirt 

  • Plain white school shirt with a collar

  • Plain black sweat shirt 

  • Sensible footwear - sensible trainers are acceptable

Students can choose to wear the uniform of their home school (ties will not be required) 


Clothing/footwear not permitted


  • Unsuitable footwear such as Sliders, Sandals and Flipflops 
  • Any items of clothing with logos or emblems
If a student is not wearing the correct uniform, parents will be contacted to bring in appropriate clothing or footwear.  

Opening hours


School is open from 08.00 - 16.00

The school day for students is 08.40 - 14.20 



All schools must publish the number of school employees that have a gross annual salary of £100,000.    

No members of staff at The Rubicon Centre earn a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.      

Please follow the link below to find out about The Rubicon Centre financial information on the Schools Financial Benchmarking website

At the Rubicon Centre pupils are selected to take part in Thrive.


 “The Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children.


It is through this that we aim to achieve our vision of a world in which children’s social and emotional needs are better understood and met.” (Thrive approach, 2022)


Pupils who have been selected to take part will have weekly sessions, either individually or in small groups. Pupils will be assessed on entry and exit using the online Thrive assessment tool. This will inform a bespoke plan, including different activities and strategies. During these sessions, pupils will have a chance to explore creative tasks and to discuss areas of need with a trained Thrive practitioner.


If you have any questions or do not wish your child to take part please contact the school.


Corona Virus - (Covid 19) Catch up premium

The Rubicon Centre is currently engaging with a recognised partner in the National Tutoring Programme.

DfE School Performance Tables
Equality Objectives 
How to contact our SENCo

Our SENCo is Mrs Jayne Pool.


She can be contacted via the school either by telephone 01609 533951 or by email



The Careers Team 

NameRoleTelephone NumberEmail Address
Jayne PoolCareers Contact01609
Anne OatesCareers Contact01609


Careers Education at The Rubicon Centre


At The Rubicon Centre we provide students with a wide range of careers education opportunities.  For more information please look at our Careers page on the Curriculum section


Further helpful information about Selby College and York College can be found on our useful links page.

Whole School Literacy Strategy

Application for Provider Access

Exam Information

Information for candidates will be discussed with students in school, and notices will be sent home with full details of the exams taking place.  
Below are links to copies of the notices that students need to be aware of.