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Further Education

In general terms Further Education (FE) is the learning you do after you have left school.  It includes a lot of different types of qualification and what you want to learn, might define which college you apply for.  It's really useful to do a little research to see what is on offer to make sure you pick the right college and course for you.


Your key tutor will talk to you a lot about your ideas for the future and progression planning.  FE is a popular pathway for many students and you may want to think about what courses are right for you in one of the many colleges in the commutable area.


You can look at a college courses online or visit them in person.  Local FE providers (colleges) are listed below.  Speak you your key tutor if you need help finding the information you need.

Which course should I pick?

The courses you pick will depend on how you like to learn and which qualifications you gain or evidence of skill you have.


I am likely to get fours and above at GCSE in a range of subjects

You may like to consider A-levels, T-Levels and level 3 vocational subjects as well as apprenticeships


I am likely to get twos and threes at GCSE in a range of subjects

You may like to consider vocational subjects at level 2


I am likely to get Entry Level qualifications

You may like to consider vocational subjects at level 1 or Entry Level


How do I know which college to pick?

You might want to think about lots of different factors;

  • How you will need to travel to get to college on time (most colleges run a comprehensive bus service for students)
  • The facilities at the colleges that offer the course you are interested in
  • The extra-curricular activities that you could participate in
    • Sports
    • Creative arts
    • LGBTQIA+ groups
    • Trips and outings
    • Work placement expectations
  • Support services and access to Information Advice and Guidance
  • Support with your EHCP


Ultimately the best thing you could do is look around the colleges you think you might like.  All colleges run Open Events and invite you and your families in for a tour.  Many also run taster sessions in the school year so that you can really get a feel for college life.

Don't worry if this seems confusing, your Key Tutor can help with your research and application to college during ASK sessions.