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At The Rubicon Centre our main ambition of the art curriculum is to promote and celebrate the importance of art within society and industry; fostering and nurturing a lifelong appreciation of the subject. Our expectations of students are high; we expect them to take pride in their work and always strive to do their best; dream big, dare to succeed.




The art curriculum has been designed to provide a rich, varied and exciting programme of study where students are able to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills within art. Lessons are designed to maximise student potential, where they will be given the opportunity to explore and experiment across a range of different media and techniques.


At The Rubicon Centre we like to celebrate individuality and so all art projects allow students to explore their own ideas and interests allowing them to develop their confidence and ability to work independently.

The Aims of The Art Department:


  • To provide a safe, creative and stimulating environment where teaching and learning is at the heart
  • To celebrate the unique talents of our students
  • To offer a wide and varied curriculum which is student-centred
  • To help all of our students gain the confidence and ability to succeed
  • To enable all students to learn technical skills through exploration and experimentation with different techniques and materials
  • To enable students to develop an appreciation and understanding of different types of Art and Design from our own and other cultures and encourage a positive attitude of respect and tolerance



Curriculum Overview



In KS3 all students will be given the opportunity to access Art within their timetables. During these lessons, they are introduced to the formal elements of Art and Design and they will embark on numerous explorations of these using a range of media and techniques.

Students are encouraged to work within a particular theme and project; where previous leaning and experience can be built upon. This ensures continuity as well as preparation for KS4 learning. As a student individually progresses at The Rubicon Centre their Art projects will focus on developing their enjoyment of Art whilst teaching them the skills, techniques and ways of learning needed to access the subject at KS4.

Students will continuously develop their critical thinking skills through research of a variety of artists and designers; they will begin to learn methods for analysing art works as well as being encouraged to express their own opinions with confidence. 



In KS4 students will be given the option of studying BTEC Level 1 Vocational Studies: Creating an Art Image.


On completion, the unit is graded Pass, Merit or Distinction at level 1.  It is a practical and skills based course that is assessed internally. Vocational Studies provides the opportunity to ‘taste’ sectors before making an informed decision, it suits learners who are undecided on their chosen vocational learning pathway.  Students interested in a career in Art and Design can speak with their Key Tutor or with Miss Hanks in their Art sessions. 



Careers Progression

Within the field of art and design, there are numerous specialisms – our aim at The Rubicon Centre is to cover a wide variety of these within our KS3 and KS4 curriculum, in Art sessions you will be given the opportunity to experiment with painting, drawing, printmaking, conceptual art, textiles, multimedia art, design, digital art, photography, sculpture and calligraphy, amongst others.

Click this link for more information about careers in art and design

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