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Students of all ages have the chance to study Art and Design, building skills at Key Stage 3 and often following GCSE curriculum at Key Stage 4. 


Our Art programme focusses on building skills in a sequential way so that young people become increasingly confident in their ability and willingness to be experimental in their work. There are many links to other subjects, for example, Maths, English, Science, IT and History. We learn about different cultures and periods in time as well as the work of a whole range of artists, craftspeople and designers.  


The study of Art provides transferable skills that are not only useful now but also in the future.  These skills include perseverance, problem-solving, imaginative thinking, the ability to evaluate and analyse effectively, motor skills, decision making, as well as increased curiosity and interest in the world.  


The therapeutic aspects of art activity are well -researched. We know through art we can reduce stress, express ourselves in a healthy way and develop confidence. Young people can learn to regulate their emotions and develop social skills. 


The Art and Design department has good studio space, natural light and a broad range of materials, tools, equipment; a library and access to IT facilities to aid pupil’s development. Pupils will be given positive support, guidance and inspiration by their teacher whilst allowing their learning experience to flourish at the Rubicon – a great place to study. 


Students artwork