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Art and Design are great subjects to study at KS4 as it encompasses a range of different areas in Art linking aspects of the English, Maths and IT curriculum. The subject offers a broad range of vocational skills and techniques which are useful in the Art, Design and Technology industries. 

Art and Design is also available to KS3 pupils and is a very engaging subject. Learners would be encourage to focus on every opportunity available to exploring creative ideas through practical application using developed skills to record what they see in the form of shapes, patterns, form, light, dark, tone and colours, with the added challenge of using scale and proportion to record 3D objects on a 2 dimensional plane. Pupils would be encourage to continue exploring and experimenting with techniques and media application through recording their work beyond and outside the classroom environment. The Art and Design department has good studio space, natural light and a broad range of materials, tools, equipment; a library and access to IT facilities to aid pupil’s development. Pupils will be given positive support, guidance and inspiration by their teacher whilst allowing their learning experience to flourish at the Rubicon – a great place to study.

Students artwork