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English Curriculum

English lessons at The Rubicon are fun and varied.  They combine different approaches to teaching that take account of a mixture of different learning styles to maximise our students’ potential.  Whenever possible we offer a chance to make use of our pupil’s auditory, kinaesthetic and visual skills.


Our Key Stage 4 Curriculum offers students a chance to study a range of 19th, 20th and 21st century texts in preparation for GCSE. Pupils will also study poetry and learn how to tackle exam questions on unseen poetry. As part of the curriculum students will produce creative and descriptive texts as well as studying a range of non-fiction texts. Speaking and listening skills play a major role across the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to offer their views and opinions and present their views formally in preparation for the spoken language endorsement as part of the English language GCSE.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum covers many skills where students will have the chance to practice skills involving punctuation, spelling and grammar with board games to consolidate these skills for cross curricular use.  Various texts such as Stone Cold by Robert Swindells, Private Peaceful (Michael Morpurgo) and many more are studied as well as non-fiction texts.  Whenever possible we will work in line with whatever the student is currently studying in their main stream school if they attend our school on a part time basis.


As a department we want every child to succeed and therefore monitor the progress of our pupils closely.  Reading interventions have proved a huge success with pupils who make rapid improvements with their reading ability. An aim for the school is to encourage all pupils to enjoy and have confidence to read a wide range of texts. Students have played a large part in designing and decorating the new school library which is widely used by the pupils and offers them a variety of reading levels and interests. We work hard to ensure that our pupils reach their full potential in this subject.