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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our governors' section

Introducing The Management Committee


The Management Committee members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wealth of individual and personal experience with representatives from local schools, the community, staff and parents.  Collectively this facilitates challenge and support to ensure the best possible provision to all our young people. 


The main business of the Management Committee is, in conjunction with the Head Teacher, to exercise a strategic role in the running of the school with emphasis on:
• pupil achievement,
• teaching and learning, behaviour,
• safeguarding & attendance, and
• leadership, management, finance, health and safety and premises.


The role of governor is voluntary. No one governor makes decisions; it is the collective responsibility of the committee. The skills, expertise and experience of individual governors are invaluable to both the effectiveness and success of the school.

“Governors are committed to the school and it's development. Governors have undertaken extensive training to enable them to better support and challenge senior staff. Governors with key responsibilities now visit regularly to scrutinise processes such as safeguarding and teaching evaluation so that they have a better understanding of the strengths and areas to be developed.” (Ofsted January 2018).

The Management Committee


  Commencement of Duties

Cayte Mulhern - Chair (Community)

(responsible for Safeguarding)

22nd June 2020
Vice Chair Vacant

Gareth Morton - Head

(responsible for Curriculum, Data and Results)

20th April 2020
Nick Parker - Clerk to the Governors May 2019

Joanne Smith - Community Governor

(responsible for Wellbeing)

December 2018

De Madgwick - Community Governor

(responsible for Curriculum, Staffing and Wellbeing)

December 2017

Emma Clifton - Community Governor

(responsible for Complaints, Curriculum, Data and Results)

July 2019
Rob O'Connor - Teacher Governor March 2020
Ed Ball - LA Governor June 22nd 2020
Previous Governors   

Deborah Jane Byatt - Community Governor

(responsible for Complaints)

April 2019 - September 2020

Stuart Lewis - Community Governor

(responsible for Premises, Health & Safety, Curriculum, Data and Results)

November 2019 - September 2020
Cayte Mulhern - Vice Chair (Community) September 2012 - 21st June 2020

Mark Barnett - Chair (Community)

(responsible for Finance and Staffing)

March 2018 - 1st April 2020

Katherine Eckersley - Head

(responsible for Curriculum, Data and Results)

September 2019 - 30th April 2020
Les Bell - Head   September 2012 - July 2019
David Roy - Teacher Governor     September 2016 - January 2020
Rebecca Collins - Community Governor     September 2015 - September 2018
Alison Harrison -  Community Governor September 2016 - June 2019
Claire Horsfield - LA Governor (Previous Chair May 2016-March 2018) March 2018
Esther Bullock - Clerk to the Committee December 2017 - May 2019
Mark Barnett - Community Governor December 2017-March 2018
Debbie Edwards - LA Governor May 2016 - December 2017
Mike Fletcher - Community Governor January 2015 - December 2017
Georgina Thomas - Clerk to the Committee September 2012 - December 2017


Parent Governors are elected by school parents annually

Teacher Governor is elected by the school staff

Community Governors can be appointed by the Management Committee



Cayte Mulhern - Chair of The Rubicon Centre Management Committee

Cayte is the Deputy Headteacher at Tadcaster High School. Cayte has been a member of the management committee at The Rubicon Centre since the school opened in 2012. Cayte comes with expertise in education, safeguarding, care, guidance and alternative educational experience.



Delia Madgwick . B.Ed Hons Exeter Uni. Post grad. Dramatherapy. State Registered Dramatherapist

 I have recently taken up the post of School Governor at the Rubicon having spent three years working here as a dramatherapist. 

I originally trained as a drama and art teacher and taught for many years both in this country and abroad .After further training as a dramatherapist I worked in behavioural management in various schools in N .Yorkshire, and as a therapist in adult mental health. I have run drama projects for all ages and worked for the Home Office as a freelance therapist. 
I retired from  employment in July 2017 and am delighted to remain in close contact with the Rubicon in my new role as community governor.





Additional representatives


Mandy Carrington - Office Manager                                                              

Minutes of Management Committee Meetings

If you would like to view the minutes of the Management Committee meetings these can be obtained on request from the school office (Mandy Carrington - Office Manager)

Individual Attendance Record of Governors  2019 - 2020
Chair M. Barnet 4/4
Vice Chair C. Mulhern 4/5
Headteacher K. Eckersley 3/4
Clerk N.Parker  5/5
Community Member D. Byatt 4/5
Community Member E. Clifton 4/5
Community Member  S.Lewis  2/4
Community Member D. Madgwick 3/5
Headteacher  G.Morton  1/1
Teacher Governor  D.Roy 2/2
Teacher Governor R. O'Connor  2/2
Parent Governor J. Smith 2/2
Individual Attendance Record of Governors  2018-2019
Chair M. Barnet 5/5
Vice Chair C. Mulhern 5/5
Headteacher L. Bell 5/5
Clerk E. Bullock 4/4
Community Member D. Byatt 1/1
Community Member E. Clifton 0/1
Co-opted A. Harrison 2/2
Community Member D. Madgwick 5/5
Clerk N. Parker 2/2
Teacher Governor D. Roy 2/4
Community Member J. Smith 3/3