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Hospitality and Catering

You’ll learn essential skills such as planning and running an event, preparing and serving food and drink, and delivering first-class customer service.

  • There will be a range of opportunities to showcase the skills you have learned both within school and out in the wider community.
  • We will develop your transferable skills, like customer service, teamwork, safe working practices and food hygiene. These are skills which you can take to any future employer, even if you eventually decide that Hospitality isn’t for you after all.
  • You will gain an understanding, through planning, of special dietary needs, budgeting, timing and resourcing. You will then learn how to prepare and cook your chosen dishes.
  • It’s important to understand that the course is not just about actually cooking. We will spend half our time on practical work and the other half building a portfolio. 



The course aims to allow pupils to develop practical food skills with the emphasis on food hygiene and safety. Due to the practical nature of this course there is a limited amount of homework but pupils will be expected to practice their practical skills so that they carry out tasks quickly and confidently.

Pupils are expected to practice the set recipes at home. A considerable amount of the course is assessed by portfolio therefore good attendance is vital for success.

This course enables pupils to:

  • Develop their practical cooking skills
  • Further develop their skills in the use of culinary equipment
  • Amend and adapt recipes
  • Practise their numeracy skills through food costing
  • Develop an awareness of international cuisine



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