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Careers and Progression

PSHE Education


As part of your placement at The Rubicon Centre, you will be timetabled a weekly PSHE and Careers Lesson.  In these lessons you will study a range of topics including but not limited to...


  • Family relationships
    • The family unit
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Marriage and the legal status of relationships
  • Respectful and fair relationships and friendships
    • The make-up of respectful relationships
    • Reconciling and ending relationships
    • Bullying
    • Harassment 
  • Safety and appropriate behaviours online
    • Risks of sharing details online
    • What to do if things 'go wrong'
    • The impact of viewing inappropriate materials
  • Sex Education
    • Consent, abuse and exploitation
    • Positive characteristics of intimate relationships
    • Sexual health
    • Reproduction
    • Impacts of lifestyle choices
    • Signposting for advice and guidance
  • The Law
    • Human rights
    • Discrimination
    • Crime and Punishment
    • Hate crime
    • Gender identity